Spinach and Mushroom Soup!

A very good morning to all you beautiful people! Hope you all enjoyed my first post and tried making the salad too. Heres hoping that the past couple of days have been great for you all :)

I know a lot of people can get intimidated by the idea of cooking, especially men. They tend to think that cooking is tedious and takes away a lot of time. Apparently, that is not true. There are so many dishes that can be prepared in a jiffy and believe me when I say it, taste yuumm too!!! I mean the satisfaction of cooking your own meal and then eating it is beyond everything else...It gives me a rush and I absolutely love it <3

So I have always been biased towards Italian Food. I love Italian cuisine because of its simplicity and use of fresh ingredients with many dishes having only 4-8 ingredients. It doesn't give a hard time to the person who is cooking, its simple to make with a big bang of flavors in mouth!! One thing I wanna add is you always have to use good quality Olive Oil, makes all the difference. F.Y.I.-There is not too much happening when you are making Italian Food but a lot happens when you put it in your mouth to eat :D :D

Today I am gonna be sharing recipe about a soup! Now i know you guys are thinking that she is talking about Italian cuisine and not mentioning pasta or pizza!!! Not to worry, real Italian food will be discussed too in my coming posts. First time i made my friend Madhura try this soup, she was little apprehensive about having "Spinach Soup". But when she put the spoon in her mouth, she went " Nish! Its really yum and you have to teach me how to make it." Spinach is a great source of Iron and normally we tend to defer from having it. I think this is a great way of scaling up your spinach aka Iron intake. I am not too sure if this soup is Italian but I like to believe it is :D( Please don't hit me now, this soup can be easily Italian)



1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves of garlic ,peeled
1 medium sized Onion, chopped
1 bundle of Spinach, chopped
1 measuring cup Milk
5 Button mushrooms, thinly sliced along the length
Black pepper powder


Roughly chop spinach and give it a good wash twice. Now in a vessel, add milk and spinach and let it simmer away on low heat for 15 mins( sprinkle little sugar to maintain that gorgeous green color). In a different pan, take olive oil and add garlic. Let garlic infuse with olive oil for 2 mins and then add chopped onion. Cook till onion is translucent. Let the onions and spinach cool down for a bit.

Blanch sliced mushrooms for 5 mins in water on low heat,strain and keep aside.

In a blender, add cooked onion,garlic along with spinach and the milk. Blend it to fine consistency. Strain it, season with salt and black pepper and bring it back to boil. Add water if required. Stir in mushrooms and simmer for 2 minutes. Serve hot :)

Happy Slurping!!!!