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Immune boosting recipes

Entire world is suffering with COVID right now and it has never been more important to eat healthy and boost our immune system to fight this deadly virus. Two food groups which help increase body's immunity are - Protein based  and Vit C enriched food.  I highly recommend eating protein with all your meals i.e Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. I really did have very low immunity towards cold but increasing protein in my diet in the form of legumes like lentils, sprouts, chickpeas, soy bean, kidney bean and different dal preparation has increased my immunity so much.  Quinoa and oats are also high-in-protein and low in calories so try to incorporate it as much as possible in your diet. Vitamin C is also very very important and simple everyday ingredients like lemon, orange, papaya, mango, pineapple, kiwi  have tons Vit C. You'll be surprised to know that vegetables like broccoli , bell peppers and spinach are also packed with Vitamin C. I have compiled some really easy recipes which wil

Bel sherbet - natural coolant

Bel sherbet - refreshing drink made in summers using bel which is also known as the wood apple. Bel or wood apple grows extensively in dry regions of India in summer weather especially in Northern states. Renown Dietician Rujuta Diwekar  also swears by it and suggests everyone to have it during this hot weather. It is extremely good for the gut and very very cooling on the body. It prevents acnes, wrinkles and early greying of hair.  There's nothing like chilled glass of lemonade in this hot weather and if it's healthy and beneficial for you then nothing like it. This bel sherbet is a natural coolant which will not only quenches your thirst but also provides you with instant energy as it is loaded with nutrients. Preventing constipation, controlling diabetes are some of the many benefits of consuming bel or wood apple. Another drink which has been made In Indian kitchens since ages is Badam Thandai . It is yet another traditional Indian drink which keeps the body cool and gives

Thai Pineapple salad

Come summer and all I want to eat for lunch is a good salad. Pineapple is one such fruit which is loaded with Vitamin C and tastes refreshing, fresh and is incredibly juicy and fruity. This Thai Pineapple salad is perfect for hot days and is an amazing mix of sweet, sour, spicy and has got great crunch. It's filling and at the same time packed with Vitamin C to build up immunity. Thai cuisine has got to be one of my favorite cuisines. It’s incredibly healthy, spicy, sour, super flavorful and uses tons of aromatics and herbs like lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, basil, mint, coriander. Peanuts and peanut butter is also used extensively used in Thai cuisine to enhance the flavor and crunch factor.  Som Tam salad , Tom Kha ghai soup , Pad Thai and Thai noodle salad with peanut sauce are my personal favorites and so many people have tried the recipes of the same from blog and loved the dishes.  I make sure to incorporate lot of interesting salads in my everyday  diet which a

Valentines day recipes

BREAKFAST 1. Coffee and chocolate chia pudding parfait   2. Apple pie pancakes   3. Chocolate and banana chia pudding ( Also featured on Buzzfeed and Huffington Post) 4. Blushing Pink smoothie bowl 5. Whole wheat chocolate pancakes Appetisers 1. Dominos style Zingy paneer parcel 2. Ultimate loaded nachos 3. Rainbow Thai rice noodle salad in peanut sauce dressing 4. Best classic hummus 4. Watermelon, tomato and feta cheese salad in pesto vinaigrette 5. Tandoori Vegetable Tikka 6. Muhammara (v+g/f) 7. Italian Panzanella Salad ' 8. Bruschetta 3 ways Main Course 1. Pesto pasta with cherry tomatoes 2. Gnocchi in marinara sauce 3. Pad Thai - Thai stir fry noodle dish 4. Penne in white sauce with mushrooms 5. Penne arrabiata 6. Veggies in soy-garlic sauce with fried rice 7. Home-made  Margherita Pizza (both yeast and yeast-free pizza dough) Desserts 1. Coffee cupcakes 2. Egg-less Double chocolate banana bread 3. Egg-less Dark chocolate cupcakes   4. Egg-less Strawberry and almond cake 5.