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Bel sherbet - natural coolant

Bel sherbet - refreshing drink made in summers using bel which is also known as the wood apple. Bel or wood apple grows extensively in dry regions of India in summer weather especially in Northern states. Renown Dietician Rujuta Diwekar  also swears by it and suggests everyone to have it during this hot weather. It is extremely good for the gut and very very cooling on the body. It prevents acnes, wrinkles and early greying of hair. 

There's nothing like chilled glass of lemonade in this hot weather and if it's healthy and beneficial for you then nothing like it. This bel sherbet is a natural coolant which will not only quenches your thirst but also provides you with instant energy as it is loaded with nutrients. Preventing constipation, controlling diabetes are some of the many benefits of consuming bel or wood apple. Another drink which has been made In Indian kitchens since ages is Badam Thandai. It is yet another traditional Indian drink which keeps the body cool and gives energy throughout the day to fight heat.

Growing up, we had a tree  in our garden and we always enjoyed consuming this delicious sherbet in summer weather. Every morning, Mom would break open the bel fruit with pestle and then mash in water to make it which would keep us cool all day. Refreshing and so delicious!!

Bel is a fruit with hard shell but soft pulp inside. Ensure to buy yellow colored bel which means it is ripe and ready to be used. Bel is usually available with fruit vendors but if you have difficulty finding it where you live, you can also check the availability on online Apps like Bigbasket , D mart and Amazon Pantry.

Bel sherbet-  traditional age-old Indian drink which has cooling effect on the body and is loaded with nutrients

Diet: Vegan/Vegetarian

Type: Drink

Serving: 5-6 portions


1 cup wood apple pulp

3 cups water

2-3 tbsp jaggery powder/sugar

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pink salt

2 tsp lemon juice 


Using a pestle, break the fruit and take out all the pulp (about 1 cup) with a spoon in a bowl.

Add 3 cups water and mash with your fingers. 

Once pulp is incorporated in water properly, blend with a hand blender for 2-3 mins and then strain properly.

Now add jaggery powder, lemon juice, salt and pink salt and mix everything together.

You can add more/less water according to the consistency you like

Add ice cubes and Enjoy this yummy drink!

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