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Instant dark chocolate and thandai ladoos
Paan biscuit pudding cheesecake jars
Rose caramel and pistachio biscuit burfi
No bake chocolate cheesecake made with home-made cream cheese using panner
Semolina and whole wheat cupcakes with bournvita buttercream
Mango and chocolate custard pudding
No fuss vanilla cupcakes with mango buttercream
Dark chocolate cake in kadhai/pressure cooker
Coffee and chocolate chia pudding parfait
Strawberry and apple crumble
Paan and Rose trifle jars (No bake)
Mini kesar pista white chocolate tarts (No bake)
Strawberry-orange custard trifle (No bake)
Instant Chocolate and date ladoos (Gluten-free + Refined sugar-free)
Whole wheat and Olive oil Banana-Nutella swirl cake
Ultimate Egg-less Chocolate cake
No bake Chocolate tart  (No bake)
Chocolate Truffles (No bake)
Chocolate Walnut Brownies
Banana Loaf Cake 
Dark Chocolate Cupcakes
Strawberry and almond meal cake with Orange glaze
Double chocolate banana bread
Chocolate and banana chia seed pudding (v+gf)
Mango and Cream cheese ice cream 
Mango-Chia seed pudding (Gluten free)
Strawberry and Orange Rabdi/Indian pudding
Red velvet cake with Nutella buttercream
Coffee cupcakes 
Strawberry- Brownie Christmas Trifle
Fruit n nut Chocolate Bark
Orange-basil granita
Pistachio-yoghurt cupcakes with Cardamom frosting
Sabudana kheer (Tapioca pudding)
Apple-cinnamon loaf cake with Salted Caramel sauce
Peach upside down cake
Caramel Fingers
Apple Crumble
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Soup sticks with Cheese
Gaund ke ladoo
Mango Shrikhand


Easy pantry friendly recipes 
Easiest Mexican re-fried beans
10 minute Salted Caramel sauce
Classic hummus-better than restaurant
Garlic sauce, lehsun ki chutney
Muhammara (v+gf)
Whole wheat pita bread
Green goodness coriander hummus (gf)
Addictive Mango salsa (v+gf)
Honey-mustard yoghurt aioli
Basic Pizza dough
Marinara Sauce/Pizza Sauce
Basil Pesto - Improved version {Vegan + Gluten free}
Roasted tomato salsa


Chia pudding and granola parfait

Instant Stove-top granola

Vegan Mango colada smoothie bowl

Eggless Whole wheat chocolate pancakes

3 layered winter smoothie

Sunshine Mango smoothie (v+gf)

Strawberry and Pineapple layered smoothie

Papaya smoothie

Chocolate and banana chia seed pudding (v+gf)

Peach breakfast bowl (V+Gf) 

Tropical Mango-spinach smoothie (Dairy-free+Gluten-free)

Mango-Chia seed pudding (Gluten free)

Sambhar instant oats

Strawberry Smoothie
Lapsi - Gur ka daliya (Broken wheat porridge with jaggery)


Roasted vegetable and grape salad with orange-garlic-mint dressing
Mexican grilled pineapple salad
Rainbow Thai rice noodle salad
Colourful Kidney bean salad in honey-mustard vinaigrette
Peach,plum and corn salad
Greek salad
Spicy soba noodle salad in Asian dressing
Watermelon-tomato salad with basil vinaigrette
Mango salad with Mango-mint dressing
Roasted beetroot and orange salad
Strawberry,beetroot,feta cheese salad with honey-mustard dressing
Favourite pasta salad with balsamic vinegar dressing
Peach Caprese salad
Lebanese Fattoush Salad
Strawberry and grape salad in Orange vinaigrette
Cold rice noodle salad in peanut sauce dressing
Beetroot Carpaccio with goat's cheese and candied walnuts
Apple and Pear Salad in spicy honey-lime dressing
Raw Papaya Salad (Som Tam)
Watermelon salad with Feta cheese
Zero oil Potato rosti
Ultimate Mexican Loaded Nahcos
10 minute Nacho cheese sauce
Ultimate restaurant style salsa
Classic hummus- better than restaurant
Bruschetta Bar
Whole wheat pita chips
Tandoori Vegetable Tikka
Aloo chaat- Spicy and tangy potato salad
Green goodness coriander hummus (gf)
Roasted Potato wedges with honey-mustard yoghurt Aioli
Lauki muthiya (Spicy veg dumplings)
Bruschetta/ Crostini 3 ways (Pesto, Hummus and Classic Tomato)
Hassleback Cheese Potatoes
Mini Taco cups with Roasted tomato salsa
Gnocchi in Marinara sauce
Caramelized Onion Crostini
Oats and pesto canapes/Oats pancakes
Stir- fried mushrooms                               


Mexican Fajita bowl with mango jalapeneo sauce
Spicy one pot Mexican quinoa
Barbecue broccoli and chickpea buddha bowl
Quinoa burrito nourish bowl with Jalapeno Ranch
Pad Thai- Quick stir-fried rice noodle dish
Instant dal makhani with masoor sal (No onion/garlic)
Penne in white sauce with mushrooms
Penne Arrabiata
Mexican bean tacos with tomato-onion salsa
Rajma Masala
Healthy Paneer Schezwan frankie
Spicy potato tacos with mango salsa
Shabnam curry - Vegetable curry in tomato yogurt sauce
Matar Paneer (No onion/garlic)- Cottage cheese and peas curry
Moong dal and mooli - Lentil and radish Indian curry
Chana masala (No onion and no garlic)- Indian chickpea curry
Whole wheat pita bread
Pesto fusili with balsamic cherry tomatoes
Margherita Pizza
Lebanese grilled veg tacos with hummus
Namkeen ghoogri chaat- Wheat berry Indian risotto
Lemon rice
5 sauce Pizza
Gnocchi in Marinara sauce
Pasta with Mushrooms and Peppers                
Barley Risotto with mushrooms
Veggies in Soy Garlic sauce and Veg fried rice
Savoury Oats



Detoxifying pesto minestrone soup
French onion soup
Roasted Tomato Soup
Spanish watermelon and tomato gazpacho
Cream of mushroom soup
Barley soup
Tom Kha- Thai Coconut Milk Soup {Vegan + Gluten free + Jain}
Minestrone Soup


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