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Mango-Chia seed pudding - Gluten free

Chia seeds is full of antioxidants, fiber and omega-3 fatty acid, these are the new superfood! Because of high fiber percentage, chia seeds absorb upto 12 times their weight in liquids. While soaking, seeds develop jelly like coating which gives chia-based drinks a distinct texture.

I have fond memories of these chia seeds soaked and dunked in refreshing Roohafaza lemonade and Milk rose. If I am being honest, I would gulp down my drinks only to experience soft crackling of wobbly chia seeds between my teeth.

Mornings can be hectic. People often blame it on time and skip breakfast. Time shouldn't be the reason.This nutritious creamy dreamy chia pudding is an easy make-ahead breakfast which hardly needs any preparation.

With season's fresh mangoes in house, it seemed only fair to use these juicy and pulpy mangoes for this pudding. Instead of soaking chia seeds in milk, I have used coconut milk. Classic combination of coconut-mango brings out the best of tropical flavours. Offlate, I have been hooked to coconut milk, it is so delicious and creamy! Speaking of coconut milk, have you tried this aromatic Thai soup "Tom Kha ghai" yet? Infused with lemongrass, ginger, basil, this soup is a bowl full of warmth and goodness.

Creamy pudding made with coconut milk, chia seeds and mangoes. Serve it for a healthy breakfast or dessert!

Serves 2


200 ml coconut milk (I used "Hommade" brand)
2 Tsp honey
2+1/2 Tbsp Chia seeds ( can replace it with basil seeds-  sabja, takmariya, bapchi)
1/4th Tsp cinnamon
2  peeled and chopped mango
Lemon juice


Sweeten coconut milk with honey. Add chia seeds, stir and soak overnight in refrigerator.

For breakfast, chop mango and keep aside.

To assemble, thin down pudding with 1-2 Tsp cold milk if required.

Take a pretty glass and fill 1/4th of it with chia seed pudding, then add atop a good layer of chopped mangoes. Repeat same layering process again.

Squeeze tiny bit of lemon juice to cut all the sweetness.

Since chia seeds are bland in taste,they can be soaked and incorporated easily in desserts, puddings, lemonade and milkshake.You can also sprinkle them dry along with flax seeds on top of cereal, smoothies, yoghurt, porridge and muesli.

This pudding is rather a healthier and yummier substitute for popular dessert, Mango-cream.


You can use milk, soy milk, and almond milk as a base too to soak chia seeds. 

Chia seeds/Basil seeds need to be soaked for atleast for 1 hour to absorb the liquid.

Make this pudding vegan by adding maple syrup instead of honey.

Go ahead and use fruits like strawberries, pineapple, banana, kiwi and oranges as other flavourings.

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