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Mango and Cream cheese Ice cream (Egg-less)

6 ingredient no-churn Mango and Cream cheese Ice cream made with seasonal Alphonso mangoes. FYI its also eggless!

Its the most-delicious summer dessert you can ask for!

Prepare yourself to devour the most amazing summer dessert. This ultra-light and delicious Cream cheese ice-cream is oozing with flavour of ripe seasonal mangoes. Sweet and salty digestive biscuits crumble spread in between lends perfect crunch and texture to compliment this sweet and tangy cream cheese ice cream. Every single bite will give you the feel of having a cheesecake.

Don't eat eggs and don't own an ice cream machine either? Not to worry! I have got you guys covered. I will admit that this is the first time I have made ice cream at home. I have always thought that making ice cream at home involves too many ingredients and steps. But this 6 ingredient no-churn ice-cream is really very simple to make. All you have to do is whip cream and then fold in creamed cream cheese and chopped mangoes. It is so light and creamy that it would have been unfair if this ice cream didn't make an appearance on the blog.

Cream cheese is a soft mild-tasting cheese which is one of the main ingredient of cheesecakes. Cream cheese is also famous as a spread which is put on bagels. It can be used for both sweet and savory preparations. And might I say, cream cheese is so so amazing! Philadelphia Cream cheese is one of the best and can be found in all gourmet stores. If you wish to know where to find it in Mumbai, get in touch with me on

Your first encounter with cream cheese must happen while making this heavenly ice cream. Just like me, you are going to be proud when people will literally lick it off from the bowl and the ice cream container too. There really couldn't have been a better way for mangoes to stand out. Perfect to cool yourself down in this heat.

Speaking of mangoes, have you tried my Mango-chia seed pudding for breakfast. It is one of the most popular recipes on blog. Another breakfast recipe which I have been enjoying a lot these past few days is this Tropical Mango-spinach smoothie. You must give these recipes a try if you are a health-freak like me!

Mango and Cream cheese ice cream, sure to become your family favourite!

Serves- 6 
Type- Dessert
Diet- Vegetarian, Egg-less


10-15 Digestive biscuits
3 Tbsp butter (I used Amul)
2 Tbsp icing sugar


225 gm Philadelphia Cream cheese
200 ml whipped cream ( I used Amul's whipping cream)
1 cup finely chopped mangoes
1 cup icing sugar

For crumble

Roughly chop biscuits and pulse in processor till ground. Empty powdered biscuits in a bowl and add melted butter. Mix with spatula.

Mixture should look like semi-wet sand. Chill in refrigerator for half an hour.

For ice cream

Empty chilled whipping cream in a bowl and whisk till soft stable peaks form up. Keep aside.

In a separate bowl, add cream cheese and icing sugar. Whisk together on medium speed for 5 mins.

In this cream cheese mixture, fold chopped mangoes with a spatula.

Now fold cream cheese mixture into whipped cream very lightly.

Pour a layer of ice cream filling in an air-tight container and top with the crumble. Add one more layer of ice cream filling and crumble.

Cover with lid and refrigerate overnight.

Additional Notes

Don't add icing sugar in crumble if you are using unsalted butter.

Make sure cream is chilled before whipping.

I have used Amul whipping cream (new), you can also use other brands available in India like Rich and Tropolite.

Incase you are using sweetened whipping cream, loose icing sugar or taste and add if required.

Make sure cream cheese is at room temperature before whisking it with icing sugar.

Using a spatula, fold in cream cheese-mango mixture very lightly in whipped cream. Don't be vigorous.

This ice-cream will work well with fruits like kiwi, peaches and strawberry too.

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