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Nutellaness :D :D

Whats up Food lovers!

Heat is killing us for sure! Who needs a shower in this weather when we are sweating anyways all day. Like all of you, I also hate summers. Of Course there are some rare people like my bhabhi, Meenu, who loves this excruciating weather. I mean what is it about summer that pulls you in bhabhi!!! When we sweat, we lose a lot of water from the body so to make up for the dehydration and to quench the thirst, drink lot of water throughout the day, have nariyal pani, kairi ka pani, nimbu pani, buttermilk aka chaas. Please avoid tea, coffee and soft drinks ( I am also trying to do that!)

Winters are so much better! The overcoats, the scarfs, the lovely cardigans and sipping hot chocolate. Moving on from the heat, m gonna be talking about my other love today, Chocolate. Chocolate is happiness. There's a quote I really like - "Chocolate doesn't ask questions, it understands" !!! Chocolate when eaten in moderation is good for your heart and is an excellent antioxidant. Chocolate is known to improve mood, relieve stress and is a great source of energy. So whenever you are feeling low, have some chocolate and it will instantly make you happy.

I am a big fan of Chocolate so by default I Love Nutella too! Nutella is a hazelnut chocolate spread. To all of you who haven't tried Nutella yet, you guys are missing something in life. It is so so difficult to withhold yourself when midnight hunger strikes and Nutella is just right there in your fridge. I almost can't fall asleep then!!!  

Sunday is a day to binge. We all get up late, starving and craving to have something which can be made quickly and is also soul satisfying, This sandwich just takes about 5 mins to make and is mine and my brother's top favourite breakfast. Your day has to go perfect if you have a sizzling sandwich crunchy on the outside and filled with gooey chocolate goodness in the inside!! When I dig into this sandwich, everything in life makes more sense and becomes more beautiful. The experience is really something!


(Please don't get put off coz of banana, chocolate and banana is like a perfect marriage! Ultimate combination)

Ingredients ( One Sandwich)

2 slices of Brown Bread
1 Banana- cut into thick slices
Amul Butter
Cinnamon Powder


Apply butter on both slices of bread. Spread  a thick layer of Nutella on the other side of one of the slices of bread, top it with slices of banana and sprinkle little cinnamon powder. Now put together the sandwich by covering it with another slice of bread. Place the sandwich on a hot flat griddle (Tava) and cook till both sides are crispy. You can make the sandwich in a sandwich maker too. Cut into two halves and serve hot! 

You'll be amazed what hint of saltiness from Amul butter will do to the sweetness of Nutella in the sandwich!! This sandwich is actually a Dessert in disguise!!  Happy Binging...much love :)


  1. This one looks yummy!! i cant wait to try it :D

  2. Would a grill machine be alright?? Looks yummy.. Love Nutella anywy but haven't tried this.. Would try it n let u know.. :)

  3. Awesome this was.......Just loved it....

  4. Looking yummy .....vl try.....but is it healthy or faty???

  5. N plz post some more recipe on nutella .

  6. @sweta: nothing is unhealthy if you balance it out and have rich items once or twice a week :)


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