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Egg-less chocolate cake made in kadhai/pressure cooker

Entire world is in a state of lockdown! We all are quarantined with limited ingredients at home and today I am sharing recipe of this incredibly easy Egg-less Chocolate cake made in kadhai/pressure cooker. It is made with minimum basic ingredients and the best part is its unbelievably moist and soft.

This Egg-less Chocolate cake made in kadhai/pressure cooker will become your favorite dessert during this lockdown period and I bet will be even later.

Honestly I had never tried baking a cake without oven before and I was skeptical as to whether making this cake in kadhai/pressure cooker will work or not but guess what! It turned out amazing and how!

Moist, soft, sponge-y. Trust me when I am saying this that this kadhai version of cake has beaten oven version. I am never using oven again to bake cake. It didn't sink, didn't burn and there was no hard crust at all.

This chocolate cake is perfect if you don't have an oven and want to celebrate Birthday, Anniversary during this period. It's also great to satisfy your dessert cravings and I promise you are going to be making it repeatedly. The idea of this cake happened when one of my friend called me asking how to bake the cake if oven has broken down. I probably wouldn't have tried making an oven-less version otherwise. She was so happy when I tried this cake and shared the recipe.

Some other easy desserts you can try right now at home are No bake chocolate tart, Egg-less Dark chocolate brownies, Egg-less Double Chocolate Banana Bread. Whole wheat and Olive oil Banana Nutella swirl cake on the blog is also very popular and made with all basic ingredients which will be easily available in kitchen. You can substitute olive oil with regular cooking oil in that recipe.

So now to the most important part about this cake! Some pointers to keep in mind :-

-You can make this cake both in  kadhai and pressure cooker.

- For pre-heating  kadhai/pressure cooker- place a wire rack/stand/small inverted plate on the base of kadhai/pressure cooker and close the lid and set the gas on medium heat for 10 minutes.( if using cooker, remove whistle before closing the lid)

-Choose a cake mould which fits kadhai/pressure cooker after stand/wire rack has been placed at the bottom and that lid can be completely closed.

- You must ensure that cake mould is not touching the base of the kadhai/pressure cooker and not touching at the sides too.

-Do not open to check the cake atleast before 30 minutes otherwise cake will sink.

For the frosting/icing of this cake- I am sharing two recipes. You can choose either. First one being chocolate glaze made with icing sugar and cocoa powder. The second frosting is made with dark chocolate and butter and it's my favorite for obvious reason. It's insanely chocolate-y and luscious.

I have another Ultimate Egg-less chocolate cake recipe on the blog which is made using oven and frosted with chocolate ganache. You can even make chocolate ganache for your cake frosting if you have cream on hand.

Egg-less chocolate cake made without oven in kadhai/pressure cooker. It's ultra soft, moist, chocolate-y and so decadent

Diet: Vegetarian
Type: Dessert
Serving: Makes about 1/2 kg cake


1+1/2 cup flour
3/4th cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup cooking oil (Choose the one with neutral flavour)
3/4th cup yogurt
1/4th cup water
2 Tbsp cocoa powder
1 Tsp baking soda
1 Tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence


Option 1- Chocolate glaze

2 Tsp cocoa powder
6-7 Tsp icing sugar
5-8 tsp water/orange juice
1/2 tsp orange zest - optional

Option 2- Chocolate and butter frosting

100 gms chopped dark chocolate
1 Tbsp semi soft butter


Place wire rack/stand/small inverted plate at the base of  kadhai/pressure cooker  and cover the lid and pre-heat on medium heat for 10 mins (Remove whistle of cooker before placing the lid)

Grease and dust a cake tin/mould which fits kadhai/pressure cooker after the stand has been placed.

Now for the batter, dry whisk flour, baking powder, baking soda and cocoa powder together in a bowl to mix all dry ingredients together.( Just use a manual whisk and if you don't have that, use regular spatula or spoon)

In s separate bowl, whisk together oil and powdered sugar just to mix them together. properly and slightly aerated.

Next tip in dry ingredients and yogurt in 3 parts and incorporate in oil-sugar mixture.

Lastly loosen the batter by adding water and add vanilla essence too and mix everything properly again.

Pour the batter in the greased and dusted tin and place on the stand/wire rack. Close the lid of the Kadhai/ pressure cooker (make sure you remove the whistle or cooker)  and cook on medium heat for 35-45 minutes or till skewer comes out clean. (Cake is going to be ultra soft and you might feel it is raw but touch and see after like 35 minutes or so and it should be done)

After cake is done, turn off gas and let sit in kadhai/pressure cooker with lid closed for another 10 mins.

After that cool down cake for 10 mins and then release from the mould carefully.


Option 1. Chocolate glaze

Mix cocoa powder, icing sugar, orange juice/water and orange zest and pour over the cake.

Option 2. Chocolate and butter frosting

Set up a double boiler and melt chopped dark chocolate and butter together till luscious.

Spread with the help of spoon and create design with the back of spoon by moving it in circular patterns.

Store in an air-tight container and refrigerate only after 2 days.

More ideas for decorating the cake:

Kikat, gems, Ferero Rocher, sprinkles, dried rose petals, chocolate chips can also be used over the frosting to decorate the cake further.

If you try making this cake, don't forget to leave a comment. Also do take a picture and tag #fascinatingfoodworld on Instagram.

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