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Mango and chocolate pudding trifle

Mango and chocolate pudding trifle- cold, creamy, rich, chocolaty and packed with fresh flavor of mangoes. It's vibrant, colorful and looks so beautiful with all the defined layers. I am pretty sure you all are craving for fancy jar desserts but worry not! This Mango and chocolate pudding trifle can be easily made at home in 30 minutes and then chilled in fridge for another hour before devouring. Fancy and so indulgent!

Buttery crust , cold home-made wobbly custard, tangy mango coulis and chocolate sauce all layered together to make this decadent dessert. This dessert has richness and creaminess from custard and chocolate sauce and freshness from the use of mango coulis. Not to forget the crunchy biscuit crust which balances out all the other creamy layers. Not only is it a delight to eyes but a delight to eat too- perfect for pretty much any occasion!

Mangoes are at their best right now and you all know how obsessed I am with mangoes so I had to come up with another recipe using mangoes. I recently shared recipe of Egg-less vanilla cupcakes with mango buttercream too which are insanely moist and unbelievably delicious. Mango shrikhand is also one of my favorite summer desserts, it's luscious and so so delicious. Just cant stop eating it!

Speaking of mangoes, there are lot of mango based recipes you can check out and I have done a round up of all the Mango recipes here if you guys want to check out - Must try Mango recipes!

So coming back to this trifle, what I love about this trifle is how easily it comes together with just very basic ingredients available at home. It's fuss free and anyone can make it. For the crust, I have used dark bourbon biscuits but you can also use regular bourbon biscuits, oreo or any other biscuit too like marie, parle g, digestive. If you are looking for easy desserts, do try Paan and rose trifle jar, No bake chocolate tart and Egg-less Dark chocolate and walnut brownies because they come together easily with minimum effort.

Begin by making custard and once it's done and cooling down, prepare other components. Crust is a mix of blitzed up oreo/bourbon biscuits and butter. Tangy mango coulis is made by just pureeing mango and reducing it on low heat. Then last but not the least- homemade bitter chocolate sauce which is so easy and so good that I highly recommend you make a bigger batch and store in fridge for  drizzling over ice creams, pancakes, waffles and even make milkshake with it. It's rich and insanely chocolaty. Speaking of milkshakes, Mocha Banana milkshake tastes heavenly and really refreshing in this weather, do give it a try.

Once all components are ready, all you have to do is layer them  together and then chill in fridge for just 1 hour. You can add an additional layer of chopped mangoes over chocolate sauce or substitute mango coulis with chopped mangoes if u want more texture in the dessert.  Also it's an excellent make ahead dessert for your future house parties or family gatherings.

Mango and chocolate pudding trifle- cold and creamy dessert infused with the flavor of mango and chocolate. It's easy, quick and tastes amazing- great as a make ahead dessert too!

Type: Dessert
Diet: Vegetarian
Serving : 4-5 portions

Ingredients and method

1st layer- Biscuit crust

80 gm dark bourbon biscuits/100 gms marie,parle g, digestive
2 tbsp melted butter/ 4 Tbsp melted butter

Crush biscuits in a processor or simply add in a zip lock bag and crush with rolling pin.

Mix melted butter and set aside. (Add 4 tbsp butter if not using cream biscuits)

2nd layer- Thick wobbly custard

250 ml milk
2 +1/2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp custard powder

Reserve 1/4th cup milk and mix custard powder in it.

Bring rest of the milk to boil and then add sugar and milk dissolved custard powder in milk. Stir continuously on medium heat and cook till milk again comes to boil and then turn off gas and cool under fan.

Cover with a cling film to prevent milk skin formation.

3rd layer- mango coulis

1 medium mango- pureed
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp lemon zest

Cook mango puree and sugar on a low heat for 7-8 minutes and then turn off gas.

Once cool enough, add lemon juice and lemon zest and mix through.

4th layer- chocolate sauce ( Alternatively, chocolate ganache can be used too )

3 tbsp cocoa powder
3 tbsp sugar
1/4th cup water

Add all ingredients in a small pan and mix together with whisk. Cook till sugar dissolves and then turn off gas and let sauce cool down to room temp.

Assembling the trifle

Begin by taking 4-5 small glass jars or serving glasses and adding biscuit mixture as the first layer. Press down with the back of spoon properly.

Next, check custard and remove the cling film. Use a whisk to mix custard again. Add over biscuit crust as the second layer.

Next add mango coulis as the third layer. ( You can also mix some chopped mangoes in coulis if you want more texture in form of mango pieces)

Lastly add chocolate sauce and then chill the serving glasses/jars refrigerator in fridge for at least 1 hour.

Garnish with some more chopped mangoes and fresh mint before serving.( Consume within 2 days)

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