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Mocha Banana Shake

Say hello to my new favourite milkshake! Actually an old favourite ;)

Somehow forgot about this energetic and delicious Mocha Banana Milkshake all this while.

Made with only 5 simple ingredients, this Mocha banana shake is creamy, chocolatey and infused with the flavour of coffee. Its perfectly sweet with most of the natural sweetness lent by banana and little bit from honey.

Chocolate and banana are magical together. Its one of my favourite flavour combination. Grilled Banana and Nutella sandwich is my ultimate comfort food. In case you haven't tried my Eggless Double Chocolate Banana Bread, you need to try it asap. Also my Vegan Chocolate and Banana chia pudding is pure love. Its one of the highest viewed recipe on blog and got featured on both Huffington post and Buzzfeed

This energetic milkshake instantly lifts you up when you are feeling low on energy. Cold and refreshing way for your everyday caffeine fix!

You can make it vegan by adding any other milk of your choice like cashew milk, almond milk or coconut milk and replacing honey with maple syrup.

Cold, creamy and refreshing Mocha Banana shake

Type: Beverage
Diet: Vegetarian
Serving: 2 persons


500 ml cold milk
2 bananas- sliced
2 tsp cocoa powder
1 tsp instant coffee powder
3 tsp honey


Half an hour before making the milkshake, drizzle chocolate sauce in serving glass or empty bottles in an uneven pattern and place them in freezer.

To make the milkshake, add milk, banana, cocoa powder, coffee and honey in a blender and blend till creamy.

Taste and adjust to your liking. Add more cocoa powder if you want it to be extra chocolatey and more coffee if you'd like stronger coffee flavour.

Take the glass out of freezer and pour milkshake in serving glasses or empty bottles. Serve immediately.

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