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Semolina and whole wheat cupcakes with bournvita buttercream

Moist and soft cupcakes made with semolina and whole wheat flour and topped with ultra creamy, luscious and flavorful Bournvita buttercream. You might be thinking that Bourvnita flavor in a cupcake sounds bizarre but I guarantee that you are in for a treat! You'll be hooked because they taste absolutely divine! You'll definitely thank me when you try this recipe. Kids are going to love these cupcakes!

Don't we all love easy desserts? These cupcakes get ready in less than 45 minutes and requires all basic kitchen ingredients. This recipe is incredibly simple and I bet anyone can make it. Perfect for pretty much any special occasion and especially right now in this Covid scenario.

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These cupcakes are adapted from my Vanilla cupcakes but made with sooji (semolina) and whole wheat flour for a healthier twist for your kids and family. You just won't know that there is no refined flour in these cupcakes. As crumbly and as moist as the cupcakes made with refined flour. They just melt in mouth as soon as you eat them! 

This recipe will make about 12-13 cupcakes and you can use the same recipe to make cake too. It's perfect for birthday celebration of kids and when they are craving for baked goodies. They''ll be so excited to know that these cupcakes are made with Bournvita.😋😋😋

Some key points while making these cupcakes:-

Key to making these cupcakes is soaking the semolina in yogurt for an hour to soften the granules and then making the batter. 

Don't forget to grease and dust the cupcake tray before putting in the batter.

These cupcakes are incredibly moist so carefully demould them 15 mins after baking.

If using silicon mould, grease that too.

Bournvita Buttercream

It's light in texture, creamy, silky, chocolaty and has this amazing malt flavor with a hint of saltiness from the salted butter. 

When the idea of this buttercream came in my mind, I certainly did not expect that it will turn out so good! It amazes me how adding some tbps of bournvita makes all the difference. This is honestly a recipe which I had developed keeping kids in mind but can't begin to tell you how much we all adults loved these cupcakes. There were like 13 of these cupcakes and they disappeared in like half  a day!  Not only will these cupcakes become your kids favorite but also your favorite too.  

You can frost the cooled cupcakes using piping bag with nozzle of your choice or simply spread the buttercream using back of a spoon. I like to keep things more exciting for kids so have added colorful sprinkles which also provide a good crunch. You can add other toppings like chocolate chips, grated chocolate, oreo, gems, skittles etc. 

Diet: Vegetarian
Type: Dessert
Serving: Makes about 12-13 cupcakes



1 cup semolina
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup yogurt
1/4th cup milk
3/4th cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup cooking oil
1 tsp baking power
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp vanilla essence

Bournvita Buttercream 

200 gms semi soft butter (I used Amul)
8 Tbsp icing sugar
8 Tbsp Bournvita
2 Tbsp water


Mix semolina and yogurt together in a bowl and set aside to soak for 1 hour.

After 1 hour, prepare the batter. Take a separate bowl and whisk oil and powdered sugar together.

Next add milk  and vanilla essence  in oil-sugar mixture and combine with the whisk. 

Now gradually add whole wheat flour and soaked semolina and whisk to combine together.

Lastly add baking powder and baking soda and give a good mix.

Grease and dust cupcake tray with flour. Alternatively you can place cupcake liners too in the cupcake tray and directly pour the batter. You can even use silicon individual moulds or tray and just lightly grease. 

Pour this batter in cupcake tray so that 2/3 of the moulds are filled and then bake in pre- heated oven at 160 degrees for 12-15 mins or till done.

Once done, take out from oven and let cool for 15 mins before releasing from tray.

To release cupcakes, gently run a knife around the edges of cupcakes and then remove from tray.

If using silicon, just release by gently taking off the silicon mould from cupcakes.

Bournvita buttercream

Whisk semi-soft butter in a bowl till pale in color.

Next add in icing sugar and whisk again till well combined. ( Amul butter is already slightly salted but add a pinch of salt if using unsalted butter)

In a small pan, gently warm water and bournvita together to ensure all of the powder melts and there are no lumps of bournvita powder. Once this cools down, add it to the buttercream and mix again with the whisk. 

Spread directly on cupcakes with the help of a spoon or refrigerate for 10 mins if you want to add in piping bag and decorate with nozzle.

If you try these cupcakes, don't forget to leave a comment. Do take a picture and tag #fascinatingfoodworld on Instagram.

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