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Instant chocolate and date ladoos

Diwali is just a week away! It's the biggest festival of India and the zeal with which it's celebrated all over India is really amazing.

No festival in India is complete without sweets and there are just too many of sweets during Diwali which are just irresistible. Food brings people together and our heritage has given us so many different recipes to share with everyone. Every household has it's own special snacks and sweets which are prepared a week in advance. My mom always made Nariyal ki barfi, Besan ki barfi and papdi at home for papdi chat. There's nothing better than treating guests to handmade treats!

Today I am sharing recipe of these delicious and fudge-y Instant Chocolate and date ladoos which are perfect for welcoming guests and even better if you want to make something personalised for gifting. You guys are going to love these!

One bite and these ladoos will remind you of a cake-y and fudge-y brownie. I mean really, they are unbelievable. They are absolutely gluten free and naturally sweet with just little bit of honey.
Made with goodness of dates, walnuts, almonds and oats, these ladoos are indulgent, chocolatey and super healthy.

The base of these ladoos are dates which have to be cooked to get them caramelised and soft so that they act as a binding agent.

How cool it would be if you eat a rich and moist chocolate ladoo and don't  feel guilty after eating it! Well, your guests are going to exactly feel that. And might I add that unlike most ladoos, they are not laden with ghee. I have just added 2 Tbsp to bind everything together.

They are perfect anytime of the day as a healthy and wholesome snack too. They will pack really well in your kid's and husband's lunch box too for evening snack. Once I start eating them, I usually gobble down like 4 of them together. I keep a batch of it ready at home to satisfy my sweet tooth whenever I want, they are such an amazing dessert.

Instant chocolate and date ladoos - Fudgy, chocolatey, rich, moist and perfect as a dessert/healthy snack. These ladoos will be amazing as a sweet treat for welcome guests this Diwali

Type: Dessert/Healthy Snack
Diet: Vegetarian/Gluten-free
Seving: Makes 12-15 ladoos/balls


1 cup pitted dates- chopped
1/2 cup walnut- ground
1/4th cup oats- powdered
1/4th cup almonds- ground
2 Tbsp ghee
2 Tbsp honey
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1+1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp sesame seeds


Add chopped dates in a pan and cook on medium heat till they become soft and mushy. Break them down with a help of wooden spoon.

Bring the burner down to low heat and add honey and ghee. Incorporate into dates properly.

Turn off the gas.

Next tip in powdered oats, ground almonds and walnuts. Also add sesame seeds, vanilla essence and cocoa powder.

Mix everything properly.

Rolling the ladoos

You have to make sure that the mixture is still warm otherwise ladoos won't come together.

Start making ladoos by taking about 1 Tablespoon amount and carefully form into balls. The mixture will be little fragile so use the warmth of your hands to gently roll them into balls. 

Mixture will make about 12-15 balls/ladoos.

Store in an air-tight container and refrigerate. Ladoos should be fine in fridge for about 10 days.

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