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A meet with Vikas Khanna

Something really wonderful happened. I got an opportunity to meet Vikas Khanna . When I received the invite to attend Britannia's product launch, I was excited. It feels nice to know that your work is being appreciated. I was more excited because Vikas Khanna was going to do the launch. I had thought I'll be able to see him from a distance, little did I know that I'll get to talk to him in person.

Product launch was followed by a food bloggers meet with him. Folding his hands, he greeted us with his well known warm smile. He came across as a humble person with a great sense of humour who keeps smiling and making others smile, not only through his food but also through little anecdotes and the humble Punjabi mannerism.

I had first seen him in person at Cochin Airport a year back but was too intimidated to go talk to him. When I mentioned this to him, he told me that people like you make me big. I kept kicking myself till date for not going over and talking to him. Finally, I can stop whining! :)

He talked about how food bloggers are sharing recipes and reaching people globally. Present at the event were other food bloggers too. Interacting with fellow bloggers was fun and inspiring at the same time. Made some friends too!

Oh and did I mention that Vikas Khanna is jaw-dropping gorgeous!! When he entered, I thought " Gosh! How am I going to be able to talk to him!" But once he starts talking, he makes everyone around him comfortable :)

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