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Thai iced tea

My first time in Bangkok and I loaded up on Thai food. From stir-fry to Tom Kha Ghai soup, simple, clean and bold flavours of galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime with minimal oil made me fall in love with it. Just when you wonder what could be a better than Thai food galore, you come across this cold Thai iced tea. That gorgeous flavour of tea steeped with condensed milk, it is a perfect accompaniment with Thai food and mellows down the heat.

Thai tea or 'cha-yen' is a cold tea popular in Thailand. It is poured over chilled ice across street markets and stalls in Thailand. Every second person seems to be gulping it down in tall glasses.

As soon as summer starts, ice-trays are stacked up in freezer. Refrigerator door is lined with bottles of water to quench thirst. Husband can't get enough of  Aam Panna and Mint chaas (buttermilk). I personally enjoy Watermelon-jalapeno lemonade more which I tried last summer. Heat and humidity in Mumbai is often talked about. To talk is one thing and to bear another! I catch cold very fast so ice-creams and cold drinks are a a strict no no for me. But during summer, I do open refrigerator at times to gulp down ice cold water, only to feel guilty later.

Creamy Thai iced tea to beat the heat this summer. Serve it as a welcome drink to your friends and guests.

Serves 4-5


4 cups water
2 Tbsp tea (I used Society)
1 Tsp chopped Lemongrass (white part)
10-15 Fresh mint leaves
4 Tbsp sugar
Condensed milk
1 cup cold milk


Add tea, mint leaves, lemongrass and sugar in water and bring it to boil.

Let tea simmer on low heat for 10-15 minutes. Turn off gas and let tea mixture cool down.

Strain tea mixture in a jug and refrigerate.

To serve, fill glass with as much ice as required. Now fill 3/4th of the glass with tea. Add 2 Tbsp condensed milk and fill rest of the glass with cold milk.

Don't forget to stir properly before drinking.

If you love tea, this one is a keeper for summer weather.

Traditionally no extra flavour is added in this tea but I enjoy my morning cup of tea infused with lemongrass and mint so I thought why not steep Thai iced tea with the same flavours too. I love how the fragrance of mint lingers in my fingers and kitchen even after using it. Slight hint of mint and lemongrass taste so beautiful with cold tea. You really have got to try it. It is divine! Blessing for summers.


Add more or less condensed milk and milk depending upon the size of the glass.

Since cold beverages become less sweeter once chilled, I have added 2 Tbsp condensed milk. Add less if you so wish.

Tea can be steeped with other flavours like cardamom, nutmeg and vanilla.

If you are using green leaves of lemongrass, add 3-4 whole leaves cut up with scissors.

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Keep hydrated this summer and drink lot of water.


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