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Gastronomy in New Zealand!

Our hello has been long overdue. Yes, I am married and back from a great holiday too! We went to New Zealand and had the most amazing time there! Its a country where you will see things that you have never seen anywhere in the world. 15,000 kms of coastline, 50 kms long lakes, clear blue water, glaciers, beaches, mountains and much more.! It is bestowed with spectacular landscape which should be explored by driving.

New Zealand cuisine is mostly British based and driven by its local ingredients. Fish and chips is the most popular take-away. Blessed with a long coast line, people eat a lot of sea food too . Produce is fresh and very high in quality. Apples don't taste like apples, they taste like little drops of heaven!! 

Our pizza journey as I like to call it started at Pizza Express at Hongkong International Airport where we had halt for 10 hours. Food was the only motivation that kept us going! I finally got to lay my hands on Pearl Iced Tea too after 7 long months! Yes you heard me right, 7 months!

Pearl Iced Tea

Our first destination was Bay Of Islands where we saw beautiful coastline and dolphins.Potato wedges are served in big portion in New Zealand! Good enough to stuff two people. Loved the pizza and wedges that were served to us at Ruffinos in Paihia!!

Potato wedges

Veg Pizza

New Zealand is a quiet place. Restaurants shut down very early compared to India.To be on a safer side, we always kept canned soups, fruits, bread and vegetables handy with us to feed ourselves ;)

Enjoying the mesmerizing  nature throughout our way, we reached Auckland. At Devenport in Auckland, we had a scrumptious sandwich. It was on this trip that I discovered my husband's love for hot chocolate too! We sipped on a lot of them ;)

Veg Sandwich

Hot Chocolate

From Auckland, we headed to Rotorua which is known for its geothermal acitivity. I enjoyed the most here. We made burritos, soup and fruit lover that I am, had lot of fruits too. Totally gorged on apples and peaches during the entire trip. Oh and ya! I got to have fresh blueberries also for the first time!!

Peach and Blueberries!!

Mushroom Soup!

Buffet at the mountain top at Skyline Rotorua was exceptional. The view was breathtaking, felt almost unreal.

Vegetable Soup!

 Cheese and Crackers

Blueberry Creme brulee, Cannelloni, Eclairs and Pavalova

From Rotorua, we drove to Waitomo where we saw the glowworm caves and magnificent Ruarki caves which is entirely made of limestone. This was the end of North Island, from Waitomo we headed for Wellington from where we boarded a cruise to go to Picton in South Island.

At Wellington, we had our first Indian meal in a restaurant called Little India. Food here was excellent. Can't begin to tell you how much we relished the food. Somehow we tend to realize how flavourful Indian food is only when we travel overseas.

Next day morning we took a cruise and reached Picton. Passing the beautiful marlborough wine trails, we reached Kaikoura. Marlborough is New Zealand's largest wine growing region and the home to world- renowned sauvignon blanc. If you like wine, do take a a tour of the region and enjoy wine.  Kaikoura is famous for whale watching. We stayed in and made soup and salad for dinner. It was our bad luck that sea was rough and we couldn't see the whales :(

Next day we left for Franz Joseph to go on the Fox Glacier . It is so up in the mountains that I thought clouds were flying low! It was beautiful. Evening time we chilled at this place called The Landing and enjoyed hearty portion of wedges and pizza!

From Franz Joseph, we headed to Queenstown which was our last destination. Known for adventure sports, this city is bustling with young tourists. We were again craving for Indian food so after checking the ratings, we selected The Bombay Palace. My husband was more than happy at the sight of samosas and onion bhajia ;)

I would like to say that nature was in our face for 15 days but we never stopped admiring it. New Zealand is not a place where you go partying with your friends. It is the most romantic holiday that you can have. What are you waiting for! Do plan a holiday with your spouse soon