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Immune boosting recipes

Entire world is suffering with COVID right now and it has never been more important to eat healthy and boost our immune system to fight this deadly virus. Two food groups which help increase body's immunity are - Protein based  and Vit C enriched food. 

I highly recommend eating protein with all your meals i.e Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. I really did have very low immunity towards cold but increasing protein in my diet in the form of legumes like lentils, sprouts, chickpeas, soy bean, kidney bean and different dal preparation has increased my immunity so much.  Quinoa and oats are also high-in-protein and low in calories so try to incorporate it as much as possible in your diet.

Vitamin C is also very very important and simple everyday ingredients like lemon, orange, papaya, mango, pineapple, kiwi  have tons Vit C. You'll be surprised to know that vegetables like broccoli , bell peppers and spinach are also packed with Vitamin C.

I have compiled some really easy recipes which will not only be beneficial for your health but also taste super-delicious and flavorful.

1. Colourful kidney bean salad ( High protein)

Works really well as light lunch/dinner.

Ideal as a snack.

4. Instant Double chocolate granola ( Oats are high in protein)

Have as breakfast with yogurt or milk and even great anytime of the day as a snack.

6. Mexican one pot quinoa ( High in protein)

Ideal for quick lunch/dinner and filling too. 

7. Mediterranean lentil salad (high-protein)

One of my favorite salad- filling and super delicious!

8. Mexican Re-fried beans ( high-protein)

Can be used to make loaded nachos, burritos, tacos, quesadillas and buddha bowls for lunch/dinner.


9. Classic hummus ( High in protein)

Enjoy it on its own with carrot and cucumber sticks or make Grilled vegetable hummus wraps, hummus crostini, hummus toasts or pita sandwiches.

10. Mexican kidney bean soft tacos ( High protein)

Enjoy with Roti nacho chips, khakhara or use to build burrito bowls and wraps.

17. Roasted Vegetable and grape salad with orange -mint dressing ( Vitamins in vegetables  also help increase immuntiy)

18. Bael sherbet ( HIgh in Vit C )

19. Thai Pineapple salad 

21. Papaya smoothie (Vit C loaded)

22. Mango sunshine smoothie  ( Vit C loaded)

23. Greek salad ( Loaded with vitamins)


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