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Sunshine Mango smoothie

I have always been a fan of smoothies. What I love about smoothies is they can be made all year long. Apart from being a natural energy booster, smoothie is also a great snack at anytime of the day. I love starting my day with a big glass of smoothie, keeps me energised throughout the day. Its just very quick to make when I find myself skipping breakfast. Smoothie takes care of my breakfast, all I have to do is roughly chop fruits and put in a blender. And then I am all sorted!

Its raining mangoes right now in India. In Mumbai, we get this variety called Alphonso which I think is the yummiest variety of mangoes. Alphonso rule the fruit market entire summer. All the restaurants feature their Specials made with Mangoes in their menu. There are so many recipes you can try at home too and create your own Special Mango dish. Some of the recipes which I make often is Mango salsa which is great with chips.If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, then you must try Mango Shrikhand and Mango and cream cheese ice cream, I mean they both are to die for. Another popular recipe on the blog is Mango and chia pudding which is great as a dessert and even better for breakfast.

So coming to this smoothie, its a blend of all summer fruits. Mangoes and banana helps in maintaining energy level and papaya cleanses the system. Grapes lend a beautiful sweet and fresh note to the smoothie. If you wanna take it up a notch, then top it with super foods like chia seeds,cinnamon, almond butter, turmeric and flax seeds and boost it even more.

This smoothie is creamy, hydrating and very refreshing. Give it a try now!

Creamy and healthy smoothie made with mangoes,banana,papaya and grapes.Great for breakfast or as a snack

Type: Breakfast/Snack
Diet: Vegetarian/Vegan
Serves 2


1 chopped Mango
1 cup chopped papaya
1 chopped Banana
1/2 cup green grapes/black grapes ( optional)
1/2 cup coconut water/regular water/orange juice 
pinch of cinnamon
1/4th tsp lemon juice


Blend all ingredients together and adjust according to your liking.

Top with chia seeds and serve.

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