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Chocolate Truffles


Chocolate truffles are made with chocolate ganache which is hardened and rolled into balls and then coated with icing sugar, nuts, cocoa powder, cookie crumbs. Chocolate ganache is also called Chocolate truffle which explains the name of these Petit fours.This fancy dessert is extremely easy to make to which various flavourings can be added.

RECIPE ( Makes 24 truffles)

It is amazing how two simple ingredients like cream and dark chocolate can create something so divine. Truffles are very versatile and can be infused with flavours like orange, coffee, almond, chilli powder. You can even add tiny portion of liqueur in ganache to make truffles more exquisite. Be creative and experiment with truffles!


  1. 250 gm Dark Chocolate- chopped
  2. 200 ml Amul Cream
  3. Chopped walnuts
  4. Cocoa powder
  5. Sugar crystals


  • Heat cream in a non-stick deep pan and turn off the heat as soon as you notice bubbles.
  • Add chopped chocolate in the cream and using a rubber spatula mix till combined.
  • Cool and refrigerate overnight.( Don't be impatient like me and keep opening refrigerator door again and again.)
  • Make small balls by lightly rolling them between your palms and refrigerate till firm.

  • Once firm, roll truffles in different bowls having walnuts, sugar, cocoa powder. Remember to not touch them too much especially with your fingers.

  • Refrigerate again for atleast 30 minutes and serve.

Chocolate truffles are ultimate melting smooth delight in your mouth and perfect dessert when you calling your friends and family over. 

Don't forget to send me pictures of truffles which you make.



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