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Food Mania in Bangkok- Part 2

Yay !!! Saturday is here :)

M so happy to be having an off today! really needed one...past few days have been hectic that I haven't cooked at all this fortnight.

My last post featured some of the eating joints which totally swept me off my feet while I was in Bangkok. Ran out of time last time, so wanna talk about two more joints which need special mention.

First in line is Cafe Classique. This place is famous for its collection of Coca-Cola bottles and souvenirs. Apparently the owner keeps collecting these bottles from all over the world. Food served here is primarily Thai and I got to lay my hands on Tom Kha Soup( Thai Coconut Soup), Stir fried Silken Tofu and Apple Salad. Tom Kha soup and apple salad, both were impeccable!

Tom Kha Soup

Apple Salad

Stir Fried Tofu

Next in line is Cafe Agalico. How do I even start! This is one of those places where you will fall in love with your date!!! The place is exquisite and dominated by white and every piece in the cafe has been hand picked by the owner from across different parts of world. There is a large variety of teas to choose from and they even have their own blends. Desserts are few but freshly baked. The garden is just as beautiful! See for yourself in the pictures :)

Crepe Cake

Cafe Agalico!

My palette caters to strong flavors so I really loved eating Thai food because lemongrass, ginger, galangal, lime leaves are extensively used. Thai food is very healthy too, you may as well be calling yourself on cleanse if you eat a lot of thai food. India is yet to be taken over by the craze of Thai cuisine but I am sure its only a matter of time now.  Do try this cuisine whenever you get a chance. I am pretty sure you will be blown over.

Ciao for now!

Do suggest some good Thai restaurants in Mumbai if you know :)


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