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Ultimate Restaurant style salsa

I bring to you the Ultimate restaurant style salsa recipe! It's so good that I have honestly lost count of how many times I have made it till now. It takes just 10 minutes and it's the only recipe of salsa you will every need, tastes much much better than the ones you get at restaurant.

Its tangy, zingy, spicy and bursting with freshness of coriander and coriander seeds.

When we talk about Mexican food, salsa really is quintessential to this cuisine which is served with tacos, burritos, nachos and many more dishes. Without salsa, no Mexican dish is complete and I just love how everyone keeps going for more of it and cannot resist it. This salsa is so delicious that once you make it, you will want a batch of it all the time in your refrigerator.(Stays good in fridge for 2 days)

I love Mexican cuisine as much as I love Italian food. While Italian food is know for its simplicity, Mexican food is characterised by spicy, smoky, garlicky and sour elements. Mango salsa on the blog is one of my favourite things to eat this time of the year. Its great as a salad and tastes equally delicious with nacho chips or khakhara.

Served with nachos, lavash or pita chips, this salsa makes for a great appetiser when you have guests over.  Just like Classic hummus and Green goodness hummus, this salsa is also an amazing dip to host large group of people. It can be added in burritos, wraps and tacos like this Mexican black bean tacos or Lebanese grilled vegetables tacos. You can also use this salsa and home-made nacho cheese sauce to make Loaded Mexican nachos. I'll share both the recipes in my coming posts.


3 medium tomatoes- blanched for 5 minutes
1 medium onion- chopped
3-5 jalapeno slices
1 tsp fresh coriander seeds
1/2 cup fresh coriander
½ tsp Lemon juice
2 Tbsp Ketchup
3-4 drops of Tobasco
Salt to taste


Add onion, coriander and coriander seeds in the processor and pulse 3-4 times until onions are very finely chopped. Tip them in a bowl and keep it aside.

In the same processor, add chopped tomatoes, jalapenos, salt, tobasco, ketchup, and lemon juice.

Pulse again till tomatoes are well blended with a slightly coarse texture.

Mix these tomatoes properly in the bowl with onions. Taste and adjust seasoning.

Chill and serve with chips and nachos. 

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