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Mango pancakes with chilli-lime caramel sauce

There's no such thing as too many mangoes! I tried these pancakes couple of weeks back and have been dying to share the recipe with you guys since then. I combined mangoes with my another favourite, caramel sauce to make these pancakes and they turned out to be insanely delicious.

Soft and fluffy pancakes, sticky caramel sauce and freshly chopped mangoes!  It's the breakfast of your dreams and perfect for weekends. If you are into pancakes for weekend breakfast then you should also try my Whole wheat chocolate pancakes and Apple pie pancakes.

Remember the 10 minute salted caramel sauce recipe which I shared in my last post? I jazzed it up more by adding lemon juice and chilli powder and I can't begin to tell you how amazing it tastes! It's sweet, sticky, buttery, tangy and spicy and slightly salty. So addictive.

Would you look at these pancakes? Bursting with the flavour of mangoes,  it's all I want everyday for breakfast!

These pancakes are wholesome, healthy and made with whole wheat flour, rolled oats, yogurt and mango puree. I mean you can add less of caramel sauce over them but weekends really are for indulgence and these pancakes are just too moreish to resist. Rolled oats give body to the batter and lend a nice bite to pancakes. Mango puree imparts the mango flavour to the batter and makes it naturally sweet.

In this recipe, I have used fruit salt instead of baking powder which makes the pancakes aerated and very fluffy. If you can't find fruit salt, then go ahead and add baking powder.

Soft and fluffy Mango pancakes made with wholesome ingredients and drizzled with spicy and tangy chilli-lime caramel sauce- perfect for breakfast!

Diet: Vegetarian
Serving: Makes 6 pancakes
Type: Breakfast/Snack


1/2 cup Whole wheat flour
1/4th cup rolled oats/instant oats
1-2 Tbsp Honey/maple syrup
1/4th cup Yogurt (room temp)
1+1/2 tsp fruit salt (I used ENO)/ 1 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup chunks of mango (Any Mango will do)
2-3 Tbsp water

Chilli-lime caramel

1 cup Salted caramel sauce (Recipe here)
1+1/2 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp chilli powder

Additional ingredients

Chopped mangoes
Fresh mint


Begin my preparing salted caramel sauce (Recipe here). Once caramel is cool and transferred in a bottle, add lemon juice and chilli powder and mix with the spoon.

To make the batter, take a bowl and combine whole wheat flour, rolled oats, yogurt, honey and mango chunks together.

Let the batter sit for 5 minutes and heat non-sitck pan. (You might find the batter to be slightly thick but once you add fruit salt, it will loosen further)

Now add fruit salt and mix it properly in the batter. Once pan is hot, add slight bit of butter and add 2 Tbsp full of batter for each pancake.

Once upper surface of pancake becomes dry enough, add butter and gently flip the pancake to cook from other side or till golden and cooked. Repeat the same for other pancakes.

Serve the pancakes with chilli-lime caramel sauce and chopped mangoes.

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