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Cucumber and mint cooler

Who doesn't love a chilled drink in this hot weather!

Cucumber and mint cooler happened over dinner last night. I made it as an accompaniment to Tandoori Vegetable Tikkas for dinner. Marinated in lush yoghurt based sauce, these tikkas burst with smoky flavour. We happily devoured these tikkas which were wrapped up in Indian style flatbreads aka chapati along with good dollop of Cilantro yoghurt sauce. As yum as these tikkas were, this cooler really stole the show last night.

Did you know that cucumber has great health benefits? Because cucumber is made of 95% water, its a great way of hydrating your body too. While in transit, if you run out of water, cucumbers come in handy to make up for water. Might I also add that cucumber is great for detoxification too. You can make a big batch of this drink sans sugar in the morning and make your own detox water to gulp all day.

So basically,  as it turns out cucumber is not just good for fighting dark circles or curing those acnes, its delicious in drinks too and has amazing health benefits.

Honestly, I never thought that boring cucumber which I have always eaten in the form of salad or as a finger food with dips could be so amazing in a drink. Its all about experimenting. There are times when they don't work but its nice when the end result is so amazing. This drink is so easy and can be made in minutes. Perfect when you have last minute guests coming over. Also perfect when you don't have last minute guests :D

This drink is a crowd pleaser and will woo your guests! It's

Natural Detoxifier
Sweet and Sour


2 large cucumbers
5 glasses water
8 Tsp sugar
juice of 2 whole lemons
15-20 mint leaves
1/2 Tsp rock salt


Roughly chop one cucumber and blend in a processor with mint leaves and some water.

Strain this cucumber juice.

Take a big pot/jar and add 5 glasses of water. Mix strained juice,sugar,lemon juice, salt in water and keep in refrigerator for atleast one hour.

Make sure sugar is dissolved through.

Before serving, finely chop one cucumber and add in the drink.

Garnish with mint leaves and serve chilled.

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