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Mayo+Tomato+Olives+Jalapeño Sandwich

There is nothing as endearing for me as cooking, especially when I cook for my family and friends. I love calling them over and preparing food myself. To me it is one of the simplest and purest joys of life!!! 

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As much of a foodie as I am, I believe in staying fit too! Take out time and do any form of exercise me nothing in life is more important than good health. Little efforts go a long way in life :)

When it comes to baking, I am an avid follower of recipes of Sanjeev Kapoor and Tarla Dalal . Among international food celebrities, I like cooking style of Nigella Lawson, David Rocco, Simon Hopkinson, Donna Hay, Chuck Hughes. They keep food as simple as possible, just the good quality ingredients are the star of the dish. Ofcourse I also see Chuck's show coz he is just too cute (Jaw dropping handsome!!!!). Food Safari with Maeve O'Meara on Fox Traveller...beautifully presented, focusing on different cuisine in every episode. Catch it every night at 9 pm

Rains are going to start and soon my dear mangoes are gonna disappear :(.  Everytime I have Alphonsos, I keep trying to find the right words to express how much  I enjoy eating them but I always fail!!! 

So today gonna share a super simple recipe -

Mayonnaise sandwich with tomatoes,olives and jalapeños. 

Ingredients ( Makes One Sandwich)

2 slices of Bread
Slices of Tomato
Black Olives
Drizzle of Olive Oil


Apply spoonful of Mayonnaise on one slice of bread. Now arrange slices of tomato, olives and jalapeños on the same slice. Sprinkle little salt and black pepper. Drizzle little olive oil too. ( Add mustard sauce if you wish). Cover with the other slice of Bread. Voilà! Your sandwich is ready to be binged on!!!

Sorry no pictorial presentation in this post! Have been occupied 

Off to Bangkok for a holiday! I am so excited to hit the streets of Bangkok and have authentic Thai food. To name a few, Thai curry, Pad Thai, Coconut ice cream, Sticky rice with Mango!!! 

Happy Missing me! 


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