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Product review- Britannia's nutrtichoice Heavens cookies

Earlier this month I had shared a picture of mine with Vikas Khanna from Britannia's new product launch - Nutrichoice Heavens. Nutrichoice offers a unique range of healthy snacking choices that can meet in-between cravings and nutrition needs of a diverse set of consumers. 

My mother is diabetic and she has been eating Nutrichoice- Oats biscuits (diabetic friendly) for couple of years now. She always has them handy in her purse whenever she is heading out of the house.

Nutrichoice heavens is a delicious healthy cookie which is available in two variants-  Cranberries & oats and Banana,oats & almonds. Cranberries are full of anti-oxidants and oats help in weight management and has heart health benefits too.

Vikas Khanna, India's fittest chef believes that these cookies are baked to perfection and perfectly packaged. Post the product launch, we had the privilege of interacting with him.There was a small surprise planned for the bloggers - blind tasting! Vikas made us try Heavnes and cookies of other anonymous brand. While Nutrichoice heavens cookies were baked well with right of amount of sweetness, the other one was sweeter and less crispier.

According to the company, consuming two Heavens cookies every day will provide 8% of an individual’s daily dietary fiber requirement sans trans-fats or cholesterol. 

My personal favorite among the two variants is Banana & oats cookie with subtle flavour of banana. I had mentioned to Vikas Khanna also that banana is one of my favorite fruit and I love baking with it. Health and tickle to the taste buds, that I Like!!! Ciao!!

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