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Best of May + My Birthday!

For most people, May is the month which marks beginning of the hottest month of the year. But to me, it is my Birthday Month! And to be honest with you, each year this month becomes even more special with arrival of Mangoes.

It's very important to eat seasonal and local food. Most of us believe in so-called myths and deprive ourselves of food items that are high in nutrients. Starting from this Month, I am going to start a series and guide my readers about what mother nature has to offer each month and how to utilize seasonal produce at its best.


It's a myth that mango makes you gain wait. Rich in Vit A, Vit C and dietary fiber, mango is a "super-fruit" but do not go over-board with it. Mangoes are at its best in the month of May. Soon showers will make mangoes disappear. They are best eaten in the form of milkshakes and smoothies. I love adding mango to salads and using them in desserts.

Don't forget to try these recipes using Mango.

                               Mango-Spinach smoothie        Mango-chia seed pudding

Other Mango recipes on blog

Creamy Mango-Oats smoothie
Mango Shrikhand
Aam Panna (Raw Mango lemonade)


Did you know that watermelon is 91% water? This hydrating fruit is one of the best food items you can eat during summers to maintain water content in body. Watermelon is best eaten in salads and juices. Very famous Watermelon and feta cheese salad is a perfect combination of sweet, salty, tangy, all at the same time. Seasonal watermelons are the one which are light green in colour with dark green patterns on them. You can buy the ones which are available throughout the year too.

Recipes from blog


Oh man! How I love tomatoes! Its not even funny how many tomatoes I consume every week in the form of salad, curry, soup and juice. Tomatoes are available all year around but they are most delicious during summer. This Vit C enriced fruit is high in lycopene which prevents several types of cancer. A bowl of salad is incomplete without juicy and ripe tomatoes in it.

Try these famous tomato-based recipes from blog

                  Marinara/Pizza sauce                                                             Tomato Burschetta

Other tomato-based recipes on blog

Gnocchi in Marinara sauce
Penne in Arrabiata sauce
Sambhar instant oats
Minestrone soup
Classic Tomato soup

Chia seeds/sabja/bapchi

Chia seeds is current food trend. They are great in summer and help to keep body cool. Make a pudding with chia seeds or dunk them in fruit juices and lemonades.  Chia seed on blog:


Like watermelon, cucumbers are made of 95% water. Cucumbers give perfect crunch and freshness to salads. It also is a great base for vegetable smoothie and juices. This hydrating vegetables has cooling properties and prevents heat stroke during summers. Cucumber dresses up well with just wee bit of salt, olive oil and lemon. Cucumbers on blog

Panzanella Salad
Cornflakes salad
Greek salad


Yoghurt/curd is made by bacterial fermentation of milk. Rich in protein, calcium, Vitamin D, B12, it is one of the healthiest food on planet. Good bacteria present in yoghurt is good for the gut. Yoghurt makes amazing fruit-based smoothies and frozen yoghurt. Buttermilk in summer helps cool down the body. Flavour it with fresh ginger and mint or roasted cumin powder.Tastes amazing! A typical Indian lunch is incomplete without yoghurt and dishes made of yoghurt. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that yoghurt moistens cake and cupcakes beautifully! Give it a try if you haven't till now.

Yoghurt/curd on blog

Pistachio yoghurt cupcakes
Buttermilk- Wheat flour pancakes
Mango shrikhand/ Mango-yoghurt pudding
Mango-oats smoothie
Strawberry-yoghurt smoothie
Fresh mint buttermilk


Lemons are my favourite! Uses of lemon are many but a simple lemonade is my all time favorite. High in citric acid, lemons help cure common cold. It is a known fact that having warm lemon juice in the morning helps flush out toxins from body. Lemon can be used to make salad dressings, drinks and give a tangy taste to savoury and sweet dishes. Tiny bit of lemon zest works really well in desserts too.

Lemon on blog

Lemon rice
Apple and Pear salad in spicy honey-lime dressing
Watermelon Jalapeneo lemonade
Rose masala spritzer


It is my top favorite herb. People find it weird when I tell them that I add fresh mint to my tea every morning. But that taste is so beautiful! Mint is mostly used as a seasoning in salads because it pairs well with both fruits and vegetables. It adds extra freshness and zing in food.

Mint on blog

Mint buttermilk/Pudina chaas
Raw Mango lemonade/Aam Panna
Lebanese Fattoush Salad
Strawberry and grape salad in Orange-juice vinaigrette

Also try Thai iced tea


Finally I am going to talk about water. Drink as much water as you can during summer, on an average 15-20 glasses a day. Human body dehydrates continuously during summer, water hydrates and nourishes the body. A big shout out to all the readers who are on a weight-loss spree. Water is so good for you! It helps to loose weight and gives you a flat tummy you have been wanting.

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