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Aloo chaat

Aloo chaat is a savoury potato snack which is a very popular Indian street food. Its one of those recipes which I enjoy only if my mom makes it. There are so many memories attached to it. Mom always makes it around festive season. I can't quite make it as well as my mother in terms of balance of flavours but I do manage to crack it pretty close.

It's made by mixing boiled and fried potatoes with fruits and spices. Golden and crisp on the outside and soft in inside, its such a treat when potatoes soak up all the spices and juices released from fruits. Not to forget the freshness lent by mint. Versatility of potato is such that it can turn something so simple into so exciting. This sweet,salty,tangy and spicy chaat can be served as an appetizer/snack to your guests during Diwali.

Diet: Vegetarian
Serving : 2-3
Type: Appetizer/Snack/Light meal


5-6 medium sized potatoes
1/4th cup cashews (cut into halves)
2 Tbsp ghee
1 Apple- peeled and chopped
2-3 Bananas - sliced
1/2 cup - Pomegranate aerials
1/4th cup- chopped mint
1/2 Tsp - Black salt (Don't use if fasting)
1/2 Tsp- Salt/Sindha namak
1 Tsp- Roasted cumin powder
2 Tsp icing sugar
1/2 Tsp- black pepper powder
1/2 Tsp - amchoor powder
juice of 1/2 lemon


Par boil potatoes. Once they cool down, peel off skin and dice them.

Take a deep pan/kadhai/wok and shallow fry diced potatoes in hot ghee till golden and crisp.

Once potatoes are done, drain them on tissue paper and set aside.

In the same wok/kadhai, add halved cashews and fry till golden and nutty.


Take a deep bowl and add chopped apple,banana, pomegranate and mint in it.

Add all the spices along with fresh lemon juice and icing sugar. Toss everything together and taste. Adjust seasoning according to your taste.

Lastly, add fried potatoes and cashews and mix again.

Garnish with some more mint and serve immediately.


Add potatoes only towards the end to prevent them from getting too soft.

If you are using the recipe for fasting, loose regular salt and add sindha namak instead.

Grapes, orange segments, pear, strawberries go well too in this chaat cum salad.

Add walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts for more crunch.

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