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Gaund ke ladoo

Gaund ke ladoo is a traditional Rajasthani winter delicacy which is made with whole wheat flour, ghee, dried fruits and edible gum "gaund".

Gaund is extracted from a bark of tree. Pale yellow in colour and crystal like, it makes ladoo crunchy and imparts nutty texture.

Its my favourite winter devours. I can easily finish a batch in 3-4 days. Its so decadent yet so healthy for you. Packed with goodness of ghee,dried fruits and gaund, it provides required  heat and energy to the body during winter. It gives strength to mothers too  after delivery and increases milk production.


500 gms whole wheat flour
500gms ghee
400 gms powdered sugar
50 gms gaund
100 gms ground almond
50 gms ground pistachios


Take a big size heavy bottomed pan/kadai and warm ghee.

Add whole wheat flour and stir together continuously with ghee on medium heat till colour changes to slightly darker shade of brown and you get lobely aroma of cooked flour.

Once done, add in gaund and stir till it changes shape and fluffs up.

Take off heat and cool completely in open.

Now add in powdered sugar, ground almonds and pistachios. Mix well.

Roll into ladoo or balls. Ghee added in the mixture will hold everything together and it will be very easy to roll mixture into ladoos.

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