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Lemon iced tea

I have loved Lemon Iced tea since as long as I can remember! My first order in any restaurant is a Lemon flavoured Iced tea. Its lemony, sweet, refreshing and ice cold. It can be easily made at home and its perfect for summers!!

Lemon iced tea is a cold beverage made by brewing tea in water and mixing it with lemon juice and sugar. Not only is it an amazing thirst quencher in summer but also great as a cooler when you have people coming over. I know I will be making this Lemon Iced tea filled with antioxidant all summer to keep myself hydrated.

Its important to drink tons of water during summer for hydration. I recently shared recipe of Thandai too which is great in this weather and keeps body cool. There are other amazing recipes like Cucumber and mint cooler, Thai iced tea and Rose masala spritzer too.

Lemony and refreshing cold Lemon iced tea , perfect for summers

Type: Beverage
Diet: Vegan/Vegetarian
Serving: Makes 4-5 glasses


1 litre water
2 Tsp tea
6-8 Tsp sugar
Juice of 1 lemon


Add water and tea in a pot and bring it to boil. Turn off immediately after one boil and let it stand for half an hour.

Strain tea in a pitcher. Add sugar and refrigerate for at-least two hours.

Before serving, add lemon juice and stir with a help of stirrer.

Serve chilled.

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