Penne in white sauce with mushrooms

This pasta though! Yum!

Creamy, cheesy, garlicky, salty and spicy! 

I am really wondering as to why I haven't shared this simple and super delicious pasta dish till now. I mean really it is that good! Penne in white sauce is my brother's all time favourite and its the first thing he asks of me to make whenever he visits me from Rajasthan.

Perfectly cooked pasta tossed in creamy, cheesy and silky smooth white sauce along with sauteed garlicky mushrooms, believe me when I say it- You are definitely in for a treat :D

So delicious, comforting and satisfying!

This is one of the quickest fancy meal you can prepare at home. All you have to do is prepare mushrooms and creamy bechemal sauce while you are pasta is boiling and then just toss everything together. Bechemal sauce is the star of this recipe which can be used in so many other dishes too, for e.g Veg Au-gratin, Lasgana, Soups.

This pasta dish is also great for feeding a crowd, pair it with some easy salad like Panzanella salad, Watermelom-tomato salad with basil vinaigrette or Peach,plum and corn salad and your dinner will be ready in no time.

Speaking of quick and easy meals, you should also try Pesto Pasta with balsamic burst cherry tomatoes and Penne Arrabiata. These are amazing pasta dishes with great flavour.

Creamy, cheesy and delicious pasta in white sauce with garlicky mushrooms

Type: Main course
Diet: Vegetarian
Serving: 2 people


1 cup uncooked penne pasta
2 Tsp semi soft butter
2 Tsp plain flour
1 cup milk (room temperature)
1/4th cup grated cheese
1/4th tsp black pepper powder
salt to taste

For mushrooms

1 Tsp olive oil
1 chopped clove of garlic
1/2 cup sliced mushrooms
1/2 tsp red chilli flakes
salt to taste


Cook pasta till al dente in a pot of salted boiling water.

Once pasta is cooked strain the excess water and keep pasta aside.

In a deep dish pan, add butter and flour. With the help of a whisk, stir and cook till it changes colour and becomes slightly brown in colour, Turn off gas immediately

Now slowly add small quantity of milk at a time and combine everything together so that flour and butter is incorporated in milk properly and there are no lumps. Season with salt and pepper.

Once sauce is bubbling, mix grated cheese in sauce.Turn off gas and cover with lid.

Next prepare mushrooms. In a small pan , heat oil and add garlic.

Add in sliced mushrooms and season with salt and chilli flakes. Turn off gas once mushrooms are cooked.


Add pasta and half of prepared mushrooms in white sauce and warm gently. Thin the sauce down with some water or milk if it thickens too much.

Serve with rest of the mushrooms and garnish with fresh basil

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