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Mango Shrikhand!

Cold, refreshing and creamy Mango shrikhand made with season's ripe Alphonso. Sounds moreish right? I make it every year during summer and my folks absolutely love it. 

Shrikhand is an Indian dessert made with hung yoghurt. I love adding finely chopped mangoes to it which makes it even more delicious than its plain version.This recipe is a 5 ingredient recipe, hardly a recipe even because very very simple to make. As you dig into this cold  and creamy shrikhand, sweet and sour notes coupled with soft pieces of mangoes leave you wanting for more!

Well it's summer already and we all know how good yoghurt is for the body. It keeps your body and stomach cool and quenched. Its probiotic and good for gut.

Yoghurt has tons of uses. It can be used to make cucumber raita, chaas, dips, sandwiches. Its a healthier alternative to mayonnaise for dressing salads. I add it often in Papaya smoothie and Strawberry and oats smoothie. Its excellent for marinating and makes great Paneer tikka and Vegetable Tikka I have on blog. I even add it to Eggless Whole wheat and chocolate pancake batter and different cakes to make them moist.

This shrikhand is non-greasy unlike the greasy ones you get in market and won't hurt your throat after 2 spoons. Regulate use of sugar according to your taste.

Type: Dessert
Diet: Vegetarian
Serving : 6 people


Yoghurt (made with 1.5 litres of milk)
Powdered sugar - 6 tbsp
Kesar - 5-10 strands
Cold milk -1/2 cup
Finely chopped Alphonsos- 2


Soak kesar in 1 Tbsp warm milk for one hour.

Peel mangoes and chop as fine as you can.

Tie curd in a muslin cloth or strain in a sieve overnight in the fridge. Make sure to not leave yoghurt outside to prevent it from becoming sour.

Hung yoghurt for 6-7 hours

Once all the water has strained, with the help of milk and powdered sugar, strain again.

Once yoghurt has been passed through the strainer and has a smooth consistency, add chopped mangoes and soaked kesar.

Chill in fridge for at-least one hour and serve cold.


Garnish with shavings of pistachio( pista).
Add cardamom (eliachi) if you wish.
You can use other fruits like strawberries,figs,kiwi and banana too.

You can make plain shrikhand too without adding fruits.

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