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Coffee and chocolate chia pudding parfait

Coffee and chocolate chia pudding parfait - creamy, cold and so so delicious! Perfect easy dessert especially in this quarantine scenario when we are already spending too much time in kitchen cooking and feeding the family. Desserts have got to be super easy and at the same time super delicious! It's infused with the flavor of coffee and chocolate which together makes for an amazing dessert combination.

Coffee flavored desserts really are the best! That reminds me that I do need to share an easy Tiramisu recipe with you all. Meanwhile, you can try your hand at Coffee cupcakes with coffee flavored buttercream.

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore Chia puddings? I love how they plump up and give a silky and luxurious texture. One of my all time favorite is this Mango and chia seed pudding which tastes so refreshing and delicious. Mango season is on and you should definitely try it. Chia puddings are also great for breakfast, I mean all you have to do is mix chia seeds and coconut milk or any other milk together and then just refrigerate overnight. You can have it next day with fruits like mango, pineapple, strawberry. Even this Chocolate and Banana chia pudding is an amazing flavor combination.

And you know what the best part is - this dessert cum breakfast is healthy and comes together in like no time! And yes if you don't have chia seeds, use equal quantity of basil seeds aka sabja/takmariya/bapchi whatever you call it and it will be easily available in your kitchen too.

If there's one thing which we all  have been looking forward to everyday in this quarantine period, it's food. Most of the people have turned to cooking and baking to keep themselves entertained and keep the spirits high. Food makes everything better! Recipes of Double chocolate Banana Bread, No bake chocolate tart, Egg-less chocolate cake in kadhai/pressure cooker are trending and so many of you have shared pictures with me.

It's crazy how many recipes I am trying too right now. For instance, I had never tried making dumplings/momos before but they turned out incredible. You can check out my Instagram page Fascinatingfodoworld too where I regularly share and save simple recipes in my highlights.

So coming back to this dessert recipes  it's really simple and all you have to do is make chia pudding and then divide it into two parts and infuse one part with instant coffee powder and another with cocoa powder.  Then all you have to do is layer it in a pretty glass and then garnish it with some shaved dark chocolate and homemade Double chocolate granola. You must add granola as it provides crunch in this creamy dessert and makes it all the more appetizing.

What I love about this dessert is it's not overly sweet. It has earthy tones lent by coffee and cocoa powder gives this dessert slightly bitter taste which balances out the sweetness of honey. I have used coconut milk to make chia pudding coz that's my favourite but you can go ahead and make it with regular milk/almond milk/oat milk if you can't find coconut milk right now.

Coffee and chocolate chia pudding parfait- fancy, delicious but so simple to make. Infused with the flavor of coffee and chocolate!

Type: Dessert/Breakfast
Diet: Vegetarian
Serving: 2-3 portions


Basic chia pudding

200 ml coconut milk/regular milk/oat milk/almond milk
3 Tbsp chia seeds/basil seeds (sabja,takmariya,bapchi)

Chocolate layer
2 tsp cocoa powder
3 tsp honey

Coffee layer
2 tsp coffee powder
2 tsp honey


Double chocolate granola (Recipe here)
chocolate shavings


To make basic chia pudding, mix chia seeds with coconut milk in a bowl and refrigerate for at-least 4 hours.

After 4 hours, take it out from fridge and thin it down with some water. (2-3 Tbsp)

Divide equally between two bowls for making coffee and chocolate flavored pudding.

Mix honey and cocoa powder in one bowl for chocolate pudding and mix coffee powder and honey in another bowl for coffee pudding.

Taste and adjust sweetness.

Divide chocolate pudding between two serving glasses/jar and then top with coffee pudding.

Garnish with some shaved chocolate and Double chocolate granola or Instant stove-top granola.

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