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Egg-less Christmas desserts

Merry Christmas you all!

Festive season is around the corner and I have compiled some indulgent and delicious desserts from the blog to spread some X-mas cheer and happiness. All the recipes are egg-less and extremely easy to make so even if you haven't baked a cake before, don't worry I have got you covered with these fail-proof tried and tested recipes.

1. Ultimate Chocolate cake

I can't begin to tell how many times I have made this cake! Once you try this cake, I guarantee that you will be making it repeatedly. Its easy, egg-less, moist, chocolatey and delicious.

2. Dark chocolate truffles

These little balls are made with chocolate and cream and hardly needs any preparation or effort. These chocolate truffles to be made in this cold weather, sets beautifully and you can coat them in tons of different things like crushed almonds, walnuts, pistachios, rose petals, match powder. These will be perfect for holiday gifting too. Needs to be refrigerated

This romantic cake will steal your heart. While most of the red velvet cake recipes call for using cream cheese frosting, this nutella buttercream is my spin which goes really well with this red velvet cake. Its super-moist and indulgent.

 4. Caramel fingers

Just look at these caramel fingers! One bite and you won't be able to stop at just one. So So good with biscuity base +caramel + dark chocolate! It just melts in mouth.

5. Double Chocolate banana bread

This recipe is perfect if you have over-ripe or excess of bananas in the house. Because bananas are so sweet, I have added very little extra sugar in this cake thus making it naturally sweet. This banana bread is moist, fudgey and insanely chocolatey! Stays good for 3-4 days

6. Strawberry and almond meal cake with orange icing

With strawberries in season, this gorgeous and easy cake is perfect for Christmas baking. Orange icing perfectly compliments this strawberry cake.

7. Fruit and nut chocolate bark

These chocolate barks are my favourite. Studded with nuts of your choice, you can customise these chocolate barks the way you want. Ideal for gifting, these stay good for 10-15 days in an air-tight container.

Who doesn't love a cupcake! These dark chocolate cupcakes are egg-less and just melts in mouth. Stays good in refrigerator for 3-4 days.

9. No bake chocolate tart

This is my top favourite dessert. Extremely easy to make, this chocolate tart is ideal to feed large no. of people as it hardly requires any effort. Silky smooth chocolate filling goes really well with salty biscuit-y crust.

This is a one bowl recipe and makes the most delicious batch of dark chocolate and walnut brownies. These are ideal for gifting and stays good without refrigeration in an air-tight container for 3- 4 days.

11. Whole wheat-olive oil Banana-nutella swirl cake

Wouldn't you love a healthy cake made with whole wheat flour which tastes as delicious as the regular cake made with refined flour? And the bonus is it's made with olive oil with natural sweetness of bananas and tiny bit of nutella. I can't tell you moist and moreish it is! Try it to believe what I am saying!

12.  Strawberry brownie Christmas trifle

Nothing says Christmas better than this bright and vibrant trifle. Fudgey brownie, smooth chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries are layered together to make this instant trifle dessert. You can even use store bought brownie in this recipe but I recommend my homemade Brownie recipe.

No-bake, egg-less, creamy, luscious and insanely  chocolatey cheesecake made with paneer (cottage cheese) which is fail proof , sets wonderfully and tastes divine.

Kids love the festival of Christmas and they are going to love these special cupcakes. Made with whole wheat flour and topped with bournvita buttercream, these cupcakes are incredibly soft and just melts in mouth. 

Season's fresh strawberries and apple all stewed together with lemon rind and honey and topped with oat crumble which gets crisp and golden brown. It's such an easy and fuss free dessert and tastes amazing with vanilla ice cream. 

This probably is one of the easiest cake you can make with the even easier frosting made with just chocolate and butter. It's perfect if you love making cakes but don't have an oven. The method to make is pretty simple and very well explained in the recipe.

This granola makes for an amazing breakfast with milk and even great as a snack. It's even ideal for gifting and has a long shelf life.

Hot chocolate is so comforting during winters and the best part is you can customize it the way you want like add vanilla essence, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, orange peel. If your kids refrain from milk then hot chocolate topped with marshmallow is a must try .