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Easy Diwali recipes

Isn't Diwali the best time of the year? Freshly painted walls of the house, clean cupboards, new clothes, new bedspreads. Its the festival of lights and no festival is complete without some special recipes to share with near and dear ones. I have compiled some easy savoury and sweet recipes from the blog which can be made during festivities both for family members and welcoming guests.

Fun twist of traditional ladoos! Each ladoo is stuffed with bitter -sweet chocolate ganache and then coated in melted dark chocolate. Every bite reminds you of having thandai and tastes divine! 

I can't even begin to tell you that how amazing this dessert tastes. This dessert combines two of the most famous food trends right now- biscuit pudding and fusion desserts. You can substitute cream cheese with hung yogurt or make home-made cream cheese which I use for making my No bake chocolate cheesecake.

This is probably one of my most innovative dessert recipe on the blog and tastes dangerously delicious.
Melt -in-mouth shortbread is topped with rose flavor infused caramel and finished with a generous sprinkle of chopped pistachios. 

Salted caramel sauce - drizzle on ice creams, waffles, pancakes, brownies, chocolate cake and just about everything! Incredibly easy and comes together in 10 minutes 

No bake chocolate tart- perfect for pretty much any occasion! This dessert is a readers favourite and sets beautifully

Dominos style zingy paneer parcels

If you really want to make something special for your family then this recipe is a must try! It's super simple and so so delicious. Soft and pillowy parcels are stuffed with slightly tangy and slightly spicy paneer and your family and guests won't stop eating it.

Strawberry and apple crumble 

This is one of the easiest desserts you can make which is is totally fuss free and tastes phenomenal with vanilla ice cream! If you can’t get your hands on strawberries then just make it with apples or a mix of pear and apples.

Simple lemonade made with mint leaves and ginger. Tastes refreshing and an amazing welcome drink!

Easy desserts like is this my favorite and a pretty one like is the cherry on the cake! This dessert is made from all store bought ingredients and all you really have to do is whip the cream and assemble the dessert together. Infused with favorite Inidan flavours like Paan and rose, this dessert is quick and simple yet so delicious and pretty.

One of the most popular recipe on the blog and its one of the best dips to make for having guests and friends over! Easy peasy and everyone’s favourite.

Perfect little bundle of joy which are sweet, creamy, luscious and totally decadent. These tarts can be made 2-3 days in advance and refrigerated

If you love cheesecakes, then this easy dessert is a must try! It's made with home-made cream cheese and the recipe is absolutely fail-proof. This dessert tastes even better the next day so you can make it 1-2 days in advance and refrigerate.

Moist, fudgy, chocolatey and super healthy! One bite into this moreish ladoo and you won't be able to differentiate between brownie and this ladoo. Amazing right? These ladoos are refined sugar-free and gluten-free too! Perfect for welcoming your guests or as a personalised gift.

One of the best home made lemonades and whoever has tried it, has such nice things to say about it. Made with black grapes, it’s  fruity, tangy, sweet and looks super vibrant.

This is the perfect welcome drink this Diwali season and with oranges in season, you have got to try this lemonade at home. Citrusy, gingery and subtly spiced! So so delicious!

Truffles are made with dark chocolate and cream and just tastes so so good! One of my favourite easy dessert and you can roll them in crushed almonds, walnuts and other ingredients of your choice.

Instant stove-top granola

Go ahead and make a batch of it in advance to gift to your friends and family. Its an amazing healthy snack packed with goodness of oats and dried fruits. Its an ideal Diwali gift!

Ultimate Mexican loaded nachos

This appetizer is a must must try! I make these loaded nachos with my 10 minute Nacho cheese sauce and Ultimate restaurant style salsa every single time people come over. Its the perfect appetizer to serve to your guests because both the cheese sauce and salsa can be made in advance and refrigerated. Then all you have to do is open a packet of nacho chips and assemble it.

Egg-less Chocolate and walnut brownies

These melt in your mouth brownies will make your guests fall in love with you! So So good and keeps fresh in an air-tight container for almost 3 days.

This delicious and healthy milkshake is made by soaking dried figs in water. Simple to make, this naturally sweet drink is sure ti impress your guests.

Sabudana kheer

I grew up eating this creamy and sweet sabudana kheer and it comes together very easily. Its a very good dessert to make during festive season for your family and guests.

Pistachio meal cupcakes with cardamom flavoured frosting

I love fusion desserts and this Pistachio cupcakes are a perfect example of that. Bursting with the flavour of pistachio and cardamom, these egg-less and moist cupcakes are perfect for festive season and ideal for gifting too.

This probably is one of my top favourite appetisers for entertaining guests if  you are holding a party. All you have to do is grill bread and keep all the condiments, fruits, dried-fruits and cheese ready. 

Egg-less Dark chocolate cupcakes

Well who doesn't love a chocolate cupcake! These are perfect for any kind of celebration and unbelievably delicious and moist. Whenever I make a batch of these, these disappear in a day.

Aloo chat

Deep fried potatoes mixed with sweet and sour fruits and chat masala- a total winner! Such a simple dish yet so delicious.

Fruit and nut chocolate bark

Studded with chewy raisins and roasted almonds, these chocolate barks are so versatile and stays fresh for days. You can add your choice of nuts and flavour it the way you want. Make a batch of it and pack for your guests for gifting. Trust me they are gonna love these chocolate barks especially kids. You can even add gems for kids.

Strawberry and Orange rabdi

Rabdi is one of the most popular dessert in India and can be enjoyed with tons of sweets like gulab jamun, ghevar, jalebi and rasgulla. Try these two interesting flavours- Orange and Strawberry rabdi.

Rose Masala Spritzer

Made with rose syrup and cold water, this famous Indian drink is great for welcoming guests. Its so quick to make and tastes really good and refreshing.

Tandoori Vegetable Tikka

I have lost the count of how many times I have made these tikkas for guests. These are incredibly easy to make and packed with so much flavour. Bonus? These are extremely healthy too!

Anar soda/ Pomegranate spritzer

Refreshing and different Pomegranate spritzer made by reducing pomegranate juice and ginger together.

Cucumber and mint cooler

Refreshing and easy Cucumber and mint cooler. Trust me when I am saying that your guests are going to absolutely love it!

Gaund ke ladoo

October is almost ending and I can already feel cool air in the mornings. Onset of winter brings with it Gaund ke ladoo which are prepared in most of the Indian household. I absolutely adore these delicious and healthy ladoos. Festivals are incomplete without ladoos.

Badam Thandai

Creamy and healthy Badam Thandai made with almond paste and other ingredients with cooling properties. Great as a digestive too to combat Diwali binge.

Lemon iced tea

Wouldn't your guests love a lemon iced tea when they come to visit you? Well I am pretty sure they will! Nothing beats a classic lemon iced tea as a welcome drink.


Cold, creamy, refreshing and indulgent! Shrikhand is one of my favourite Indian desserts and so so delicious. Flavour it the way you want. Keep it simple or add fruits like mango, strawberry,kiwi or canned pineapple. You can even add rose syrup and make rose version of shrikhand.

Chia pudding and granola fruit parfait

If you want to treat your family and guests to something different this Diwali then you must try this fancy dessert. Unbelievably easy to make and tastes so so good! Its the perfect combination of creamy and crunchy. You can add any fruit of your choice like oranges, pineapple, kiwi etc.